Travel tips to enjoy the sea in Vico Equense and surroundings

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Vico Equense can easily be considered the gateway to the Sorrento Peninsula. An enchanting place overlooking the sea, characterised by breathtaking views and splendid architecture that blend harmoniously with the landscape. The city also has an amazing relationship with the sea, both during the summer, when it is a fascinating tourist destination, and during the winter, when the smaller number of people generates a unique atmosphere.

The water is also spectacular, so much so that this year it has been awarded the so-called 'Blue Flag 2021'. This is an international award that takes into account several quality parameters including: On-site information and related environmental education, water quality, environmental management, services and safety, and much more that is adequately known and respected in this coastal stretch.

This is why we not only recommend enjoying the sea in summer, but doing so throughout September and into early October.

Enjoy the sea in summer, but experience it also in September

The whole Sorrento peninsula and Vico Equense in particular enjoy a particular tranquility towards the end of summer, and the month of September is definitely one of the best to fully experience the beauty and charm of places like this.

Usually the temperatures are still good, often even up to the first days of October, you can sunbathe and swim in a carefree way and the number of people is definitely lower (there are no hit-and-run tourists and most Italian holidaymakers). Prices are also slightly lower and services remain of excellent quality for most of the facilities, hotels and restaurants.

If you are looking for absolute relaxation, choose a fully equipped establishment. The flavours of the coast will delight you

Let's face it, if you've only just managed to enjoy your well-deserved holiday, you don't want to do anything and prefer to enjoy hours of absolute relaxation caressed by the sea breeze. If that's the case, I suggest you opt for one of the many well-equipped facilities on the coast, with plenty of services and refreshments to make your stay light and special.

One of the most famous is the equipped beach of Scrajo, so called because of its Latin name meaning steep. This beach is also close to a thermal spring and therefore the water temperature can vary. It is located on the peninsula, looking towards Naples, has a station of the circumvesuviana (railway line connecting it with Naples) and also several refreshment places. You can relax by the sea, at the thermal baths or let yourself be pampered by the delicate flavours of the Sorrentine peninsula.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a bit of adventure, choose a small, uncontaminated paradise.

It's true, you're on holiday but you always want adventure, exploration and new discoveries: in this case too, Vico Equense is the right choice. There are many wild beaches, some of which can only be reached by sea, which will give you the right adrenalin rush even in this last stretch of summer.

Above all, we must absolutely mention banco di Santa Croce and spiaggia della Tartaruga. The former is a point where the seabed, located between Torre Angellara and Punta d'Orlando, creates an exceptional environment: at this point the seabed rises almost to the surface of the water, creating a "shoal". Right there, there is a truly unique biodiversity, which can only exist in those specific conditions, which are now the subject of scientific studies and publications.

Turtle beach, on the other hand, is famous for its rock that recalls the turtle, and is a small corner of paradise that can be reached by sea and that can offer you extraordinary days of adventure surrounded by nature. However, we recommend that you visit this place after 12 noon, as there is no sun in the early morning because of the large rock face. However, we are talking about a paradise and if you love unspoilt nature, this is the place for you.

In conclusion (last but not least)


Always use public transport or even sea transport to visit the city, especially during the summer period. This is because the normal overcrowding in summer can lead to unpleasant hours of traffic. If you follow this advice, always choose accommodation within easy walking distance and avoid the hinterland where you need a car. Remember that the landscape is often steep, so pay attention to distances and always dress comfortably.


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