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When we think of Vico Equense and in general of all the municipalities of the Sorrento peninsula, we immediately think of the cliffs overlooking the sea, probably the breathtaking views and all those wonderful landscapes, surrounded by greenery that can get lost in the blue sea.

Few, however, immediately recognise the cultural and museum offerings of this area, which are, however, of an excellent standard, with several museums located right here in Vico Equense.

In short, here we find Sea, Environment, Landscapes, but also Archaeology, History and much more. Come and discover with us some of the most beautiful museums you can find in Vico Equense.

The Museo Mineralogico Campano, the most important museum in Vico Equense

Our cultural journey begins at the Museo Mineralogico Campano, certainly the most famous and important museum in Vico Equense.

Today it houses thousands of minerals of many different species, some of them very rare and from remote parts of the world. In addition to preserving these finds, the institution also exhibits a large number of materials and disseminates them, both through national and local projects.

A large section is dedicated to crystals, meteorites, and mineralogical discoveries from the Campania region.

There is also a large palaeontological collection that analyses and preserves a large number of fossils from different geological eras: among other things, there are reptiles such as the mesosaurus, ancestor of modern alligators, or the notosaurus, reptiles nicknamed the "seals of the Triassic" because of their marine habits similar to those of mammals, and even "Ciro", the small carnivorous dinosaur found in the Benevento area.

You can also visit the anthropological section containing finds dating back to the appearance of a man.

Silio Italico Antiquarium

We certainly know that the town of Vico Equense has been inhabited since the most remote times. The antiquarium in fact collects all the evidence and finds that have been found in this area of the Sorrento peninsula. There are many finds of Greek, Etruscan, Oscan, and Samnite origin, covering a time span that begins in the 7th century BC.

The collection also includes ancient vases with black or red figures, craters, amphorae, jewelry, and furnishings.

Very important for this small museum is its didactic contribution to the territory; in fact, it represents a splendid presidium of culture in Vico Equense for the discovery of the most ancient finds.

Admission is free and it is a small treasure chest of culture that is absolutely worth visiting.

Annunziata Church Memorial Museum

For all lovers of medieval and modern culture, there is the Museum of Memory located in the former Church of the Annunziata. It contains a large collection of liturgical furnishings, as well as stone materials, stone altars, paintings, and other works of art by great masters of Italian art.

Sorrento Peninsula Museum of Cinema

Our museum itinerary in the territory of Vico Equense passes not only through the visual arts but also through the great cinema culture. Here in the town, there is the "Museum of Cinema of the territory and the Sorrentine Peninsula": an extraordinary collection of memorabilia, props, and everything that is closest to the great film universe, all of course on permanent display. These include hundreds of historical images, posters, period documents, and multimedia evidence. Entering this museum means exploring the great epic of cinema in Vico Equense and the Sorrento Peninsula.

MAAM - Antonio Asturi Open Museum

Antonio Asturi is an Italian painter who has developed his career outside academic circles and has exhibited in several Italian cities. The museum analyses his life and art, highlighting his landscape painting and his relationship with the territory as a great visual witness of time. A heritage of contemporary art and history is seen through the eyes of a visual artist with ties to Vico Equense. A museum not to be missed!


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