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Vico Equense is the first small village of the Sorrento Coast. A rare pearl overhanging the sea, situated between the Gulf of Naples and Lattari Mounts, it offers enchanting views and unique attractions. Monuments, places of historical interest, breathtaking beaches, make Vico Equense one of the most suggestive destinations in the province of Naples. During the summer season, the town is taken by storm by tourists from all over the world who love to enjoy the magnificence of the sun-kissed coast, but Vico Equense is also the right place to spend a winter vacation of romance and good life. Here is a series of activities and places not to be missed during a winter trip to Vico Equense.


Church of the Santissima Annunziata

One of the places of interest not to be missed in Vico Equense is the Church of Santissima Annunziata, symbol of the city and one of the most photographed monuments of the coast. The church stands on a rocky ridge overlooking the sea and is one of the greatest examples of Gothic architecture. Built in the fourteenth century on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple, the Church of Santissima Annunziata was the cathedral of the diocese until 1818. The church has been the object of a great number of restoration works after the damages caused by the earthquake of 1980. Remained closed for 15 years, it reopened to the public in 1995. Inside the structure are exposed numerous works of great artistic value, among these there are the urns of Gaetano Filangieri, economist of the eighteenth century who lived in the castle Giusso. Next to the church there is a beautiful bell tower dating back to the sixteenth century built on three floors, houses two bells consecrated in mid-1900. The open space adjacent to the church is one of the most evocative places of Vico Equense, a favorite destination for married couples from all over the world who want to celebrate their marriage with a view of the sea, more unique than rare.


Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Toro

Another church you absolutely must see is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Toro, located in the hilly area of Vico Equense. There are two legends about the origins of the Sanctuary: the first one says that the church was erected in the place where there was a painting dated 1458 representing the face of the Virgin on a rock, found after many years by a woman who was taking the bull to pasture. The second legend tells of a bull that every time he passed in front of the rock he knelt down, the event was repeated over and over again until the day when a crippled girl went to the place and got the healing. The church was erected in the sixteenth century as a sign of devotion to the Madonna. Among the details to pay attention to inside the structure there is the splendid coffered ceiling in beech wood, the frescoes that decorate the dome and the glorification of S. Gaetano made at the end of the XVII century.


Giusso Castle

After having visited the most fascinating places of worship in Vico Equense, it is time to dedicate ourselves to one of the most famous architectural monuments of the town. It is the Giusso Castle, an imposing military structure dating back to the thirteenth century. Built with the aim of defending the small village of Vico Equense, which later became the summer residence of Charles II of Anjou, the castle was built around 1200 according to the military forms of the time. Over the centuries it has undergone numerous changes and has lost its original shape. Today the walls and the terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples are still visible. The Giusso Castle is still a structure to be visited and admired, moreover it is the most romantic place from which to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. The structure is also used for ceremonies, meetings and artistic exhibitions.


Pacchianelle Procession

Every year, on January 6th, Vico Equense celebrates the end of the Christmas holidays with the traditional procession of the Pacchianelle. A manifestation that has been going on for over 100 years and represents one of the most suggestive events of the Sorrento peninsula and not only. The procession is nothing but a review of the recurrence of the "Living Nativity". In the convent of the Padri Minimi of San Vito more than 300 participants gather in costumes inspired by those of the eighteenth-century Neapolitan crib. Across Via Raffaele Bosco, the procession reaches the center of Vico Equense around lunchtime where it is enthusiastically awaited by a large crowd of citizens and tourists. The most awaited and famous part of the procession is represented by the arrival of the Three Kings who steal the scene thanks to their sumptuous clothes and the elegance of the horses that accompany them. A magnificent tradition that has its roots in a religious holiday but that becomes an unmissable opportunity to celebrate all together. Popular music, traditional songs, dances and a lot of food will be the side dish of the most awaited party of the year.


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