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The parade of the "Pacchianelle" is a local tradition that has been taking place every year on the 6th of January since 1909, and was included in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the region of Campania. This live nativity scene is a source of great pride for the town of Vico Equense. The initiative is supported by the town, and in the past was sponsored by the "Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri" (Office of the Prime Minister) and the foundation of the Istituto Banco di Napoli. The parade is a historic travelling nativity scene that has been taking place in Vico Equense for over 100 years. This edition, as always, will feature more than 300 participants in costume, either pastoral or inspired by the 1700s Neapolitan "presepe" (nativity scene). The many participants give life to a procession that begins in Borgo di San Vito and arrives in the centre of Vico Equense by early afternoon. Once in the centre, the people participating in the procession donate baskets filled with local products to the Christ Child. The tradition of the parade of the Pacchianelle began in Vico Equense in 1909 and has since recurred every year on the 6th of January i.e. the day of the epiphany which marks the end of the Christmas holidays in Italy. The parade dates back to 1909 when friar Pasquale Somma dressed up eight young girls in farm clothes and organised a small procession to bring gifts to the Christ Child Gesù Bambino dei Frati di San Francesco di Paola. The parade has been taking place every year since then with the involvement of the entire community, and has been enriched with new characters over time, all inspired by the 1700s Neapolitan "presepe", without forgetting the original components: the pacchiane, contadini, pacchianelle e pacchianelli who bring the typical products from the coast as a gift to the Christ Child.


January 6th 2022


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